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New Alternative Treatments Help Renal Failure Avoid Dialysis

2019-03-14 14:43

Renal Failure,Avoid Dialysis,Alternative TreatmentsRenal failure is a pathological state. When various chronic kidney diseases develop to the later stage, they cause partial or total loss of renal function, which is called renal failure. The end of renal failure is what people often call uremia.

How should renal failure be treated? Can we restore the lost kidney function? And listen to me speak slowly.

Pathology of renal failure

Renal failure can be divided into acute renal failure and chronic renal failure.

Acute renal failure is usually caused by insufficient blood flow to the kidneys (such as scratches or burns), impaired function of the kidneys due to obstruction of certain factors, or injury by poisons. Acute renal failure usually starts quickly and recovers quickly, but a few patients turn to chronic renal failure.

Chronic renal failure (CRF) refers to the slow progressive impairment of renal function caused by various kidney diseases, which eventually leads to uremia and complete loss of renal function, with intervals ranging from several years to decades. Chronic renal failure is difficult to treat and has poor prognosis. It can easily develop to uremic stage.

Conventional treatment of renal failure

At present, the treatment of renal failure is relatively single. For acute renal failure caused by insufficient blood supply, fluid and water supplements are often used. If there is infection, anti-inflammatory treatment is given for specific infection.

Next is dialysis, which uses machines to replace the disabled kidneys until the kidneys atrophy and carry out kidney transplantation.

The treatment of dialysis and kidney transplantation is extremely risky and costly, and the survival of patients has not been effectively prolonged.

The latest treatment of renal failure, get rid of dialysis is possible!

The loss of kidney function, thinking that the nephron stopped working, the essence of all treatment programs, is to repair the nephron, so that they start working again.

How to activate it?

It is impossible to repair the dead nephron. But some of the kidney units that stop working are only in the state of "pseudo-death" and can be activated by some means.

Through blood purification techniques such as plasma exchange and blood perfusion, the immune complexes in the blood are cleaned up to avoid further damage to the kidney. At the same time, TCM osmotic therapy based on differentiation of symptoms and signs can deliver drugs to the kidney in the most direct way, avoiding waste absorption of oral drugs in intestine and stomach, expanding blood vessels more effectively and improving renal microcirculation. Getting blood supplement is the best way to activate nephron and improve renal anemia.

This therapy is effective for the treatment of chronic kidney disease, especially renal failure, which can help patients avoid dependence on dialysis and lead a relatively normal life.

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