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Improve Life Expectancy With Stage 5 Kidney Failure And No Dialysis

2013-06-22 17:23

Improve Life Expectancy With Stage 5 Kidney Failure And No DialysisHow to improve life expectancy with stage 5 kidney failure and no dialysis? Dialysis is a must when kidneys shut down completely; but in some cases, stage 5 kidney failure patients choose to spend the rest of their life with no dialysis. Under such a condition, is there anything they can do to improve life expectancy or increase life span? As for this questions, I will say YES!

Stage 5 kidney failure is the worst illness condition of both chronic kidney problem and acute kidney problem. Dialysis is the life-saving medical measures for stage 5 kidney failure patients and for these with no dialysis, the following measures will be needed:

1. Get all the symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria, hematuria and renal anemia controlled, as they can accelerate illness condition and impair further kidney damages.

2. Reduce fluid intake. Kidneys help to produce urine and usually the more water we drink, the more urine is produced. High intake of water will increase kidney burden and thus worsen kidney condition.

3. Eat less protein. Urea nitrogen will be produced when protein is metabolized in our body and it is normally discharged by kidney. For stage 5 kidney failure patients, the more protein they ingest, the more wastes are produced and also higher the kidney burden. Furthermore, high protein intake will worsen proteinuria, which is unfavorable for patients to get their illness condition controlled.

4. Eat less salt. Salt is an excellent source of sodium which plays an important role in building strong muscles. However, for patients with stage 5 kidney failure, they must limit their sodium intake as impaired kidney can not excrete excess sodium. Under such a condition, high salt intake not only elevates blood pressure, but also triggers fluid retention. Seeing from this angle, it is of great importance for stage 5 kidney failure patients to limit salt intake.

5. Adjust potassium intake and phosphorus intake according to exact illness condition.

6. Avoid creatine supplements and this will cause elevation of serum creatinine level.

7. Drink 1 to 2 cups of nettle leaf tea every day, which is helpful for reducing creatinine level in blood.

8. Prevent cold and infection actively. Both cold and infection can cause acute progression of illness and lead to acute kidney failure.

9. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol. If you have develop these bad habits, kick them as quickly as possible. As for this point, you can ask your family member, friends and doctors for help.

10. Avoid being exhausted and staying up the whole night. Have a good rest and develop regular life style.

The above measures are helpful for patients with stage 5 kidney failure and no dialysis to improve life expectancy. If there is anything unclear, or you have further questions, please email to

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