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Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Failure(CRF)

Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Failure (CRF) is the end stage of kidney disease with Glomerular filtration rate falling below 15ml/min. The kidneys have many functions that they fail to do, which will thus cause a variety of problems to the patients. Dialysis can do the job of expelling toxins and excess water out of the body, and in way of this, prolong the life of the patients. However, dialysis only does some of the kidneys' job; some side effects, short-term or long-term complications for people on dialysis treatment.

How to Do with Stage 5 Kidney Failure without Dialysis

How to do with stage 5 kidney failure without dialysis? It is such a question cared about by patients who have not been on dialysis treatment yet. Many successful cases in the clinic can tell us dialysis or kidney transplant is no longer th...Read More

Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease: How Long Can I Live

Stage 5 chronic kidney disease is characterized by severe loss of kidney function. It is the advanced stage of chronic kidney disease. Many patients are concerned with this question: how long can I live with stage 5 chronic kidney disease?...Read More

Can A Person Recover from Stage 5 Renal Failure

Stage 5 renal failure means the last and the most severe stage of chronic kidney disease. But there are so many patients still hope to recover from stage 5 renal failure, can they? Follow us to find the answer. It seems that dialysis or kid...Read More

Treatment for Stage 5 Kidney Failure without Dialysis

When condition develop stage 5 kidney failure, if you do not want to experience dialysis treatment, whether are there some other treatment options? The answer is yes. Follow us to learn about the treatment for stage 5 kidney failure without...Read More

Muscle Cramps in Stage 5 Kidney Failure: Causes and Treatment

Muscle cramp is a common symptom which can happen to patients with stage 5 kidney failure. If you are suffering from it or there is someone who experiences it around you, follow us to learn about the causes and treatment for muscle cramps i...Read More

When Dialysis Is Needed for Stage 5 Kidney Failure Patients

Stage 5 kidney failure is the last stage of kidney disease, but it does not mean urgent dialysis treatment is needed at the moment and patients have to undergo dialysis one day. When dialysis is needed for stage 5 kidney failure patients de...Read More

Help Patients in Stage 5 Kidney Disease But Still Peeing

Stage 5 kidney disease is the most severe stage of kidney disease. If patients at this stage still have the ability to pee, will dialysis or kidney transplant be the only choice for them? Well, the answer is no. Then how to help stage 5 kid...Read More

Nausea and Vomiting in Stage 5 Kidney Failure: Causes and Treatment

Due to the great loss of kidney function in stage 5 kidney failure, various of symptoms or complication including nausea and vomiting are likely to appear. Now follow us to learn about the causes and treatment for nausea and vomiting in sta...Read More

How Long Can You Live With Loss of 95% Kidney Function Without Dialysis

As we all known that everyone has two kidneys and they make sure our body functioning in a stable environment. However, as more and more kidney tissues damaged seriously, our kidneys will fail to work properly. When your kidney function dec...Read More

Symptoms of End Stage Kidney Failure in Geriatric Patients

As people grow older, especially the geriatric patients, their kidney organizations will degenerate slowly and the amount of blood flowing through the kidney will decrease gradually. Moreover, the symptoms of end stage kidney failure in ger...Read More

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