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How to Lower Creatinine Level in Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

2013-09-23 14:29

How to Lower Creatinine Level in Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease is one of the top concerns for patients in corresponding period. Then what to do to achieve this goal as much as possible?

It is worth noting that stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease is emergency period with comparatively high danger coefficient, which behaves as significant GFR decline of 15~29ml/min, various clinical features and systemic damage. It is only one step away from stage 5, which will unavoidably enter into life-threatening End Stage Renal Disease without timely and effective treatment. (How to slow down the progression and prolong life expectancy? Please consult our live doctor.)

In order to lower creatinine level in stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease as soon as possible, many patients mistakenly choose to receive therapies with instant efficacy which aim at easing superficial phenomenon temporarily rather than treating the root cause thoroughly. Besides, therapies with the help of hormone, immunosuppressive agent and cytotoxic drug also bring about numerous side effects, which is able to worsen current situation and speed up the progression towards advanced period.

In the contrary, natural treatments are preferred therapies which are applied to recover damaged nephron and renovate intrinsic renal cells from the origin, thus protecting and regenerating the structures and functions of kidneys so as to lower creatinine level in stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease fundamentally.

Blood Pollution Therapy is one of the significant natural treatments, which is used to eliminate blood stasis such as wastes, toxins and other metabolite out of body through Blood Purification, supply different kinds of deficient elements in blood flow through elements supplementation and awaken the ability of self renewal of human body through function rebuilding, thus repairing renal injuries and restoring renal functions efficiently and sufficiently in order to lower creatinine level in stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease naturally.

Except for medical treatments, scientific daily healthcare is also essential, which includes strictly controlled diet, appropriate exercise and good compliance, etc. If you want to know more about how to lower creatinine level in stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, please leave a message below or talk to our online service for free.

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