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The Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

2013-10-10 15:01

As is known to us, chronic kidney disease stage 3 is the most critical stage to the patients. If they don’t treat it as early as possible, this disease is more likely to develop into the stage 4 or stage 5. Therefore, the treatment for chronic kidney disease stage 3 is concerned by many patients. The following introduces two therapies from the two sides of chronic kidney disease stage3.

1 Diet therapy

Although diet therapy can’t treat this disease from the root, it can not only delay the progress of chronic kidney disease, but also can improve the quality of life. So patients in the chronic kidney disease stage 3 shouldn’t ignore this therapy.

In their life, patients should control the sodium intake and salt intake strictly. When edema or high blood pressure appears, they should limit the salt and water intake appropriately. In addition, patients should control the sodium intake too. Moreover, patients in chronic kidney disease stage 3 should be given a low protein diet, especially animal protein, like fish, egg white, lean meat and so on.

Patients in the chronic kidney disease stage 3 also should insist on physical exercise as much as possible. Only in this way, can they control the weight and be away from cold effectively.

2 Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy

Generally speaking, most of the kidney diseases can blame to the damaged kidney. If patients want to get rid of pain and other diseases as quickly as possible, they must treat the kidney from the root. Now, we want to recommend a traditional Chinese medicine therapy know as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy can not only repair the damaged kidney from the root, but also can improve the kidney function effectively. Above all, from the words of patients who have already experienced this therapy, they don’t feel any pain and side effects, they enjoy the process extremely.

Finally, if you want to know more about this natural therapy and other things about the chronic kidney disease stage3, please contact us by phone or send an email to, we are look forward to your asking.

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