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How to Avoid Kidney Failure with CKD Stage 4

2013-01-31 15:42

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) stage 4 is a very vital stage for CKD patients, as they will go to end stage kidney failure directly if they take no medical action during this period. Most of CKD stage 4 patients are prescribed with oral medications which can help them bring symptoms under control. However, CKD stage 4 progresses to kidney failure as more and more kidney tissues are damaged, so aside from having a tight control about symptoms, protecting residual healthy kidney tissues and repairing these damaged renal intrinsic cells are very necessary for preventing kidney failure.

Our cells have self-curative ability. For an individual with CKD stage 4, there are healthy, damaged but still alive and dead renal intrinsic cells. We can not make these dead renal cells to alive again, but without medical treatment, these damaged renal intrinsic cells will lose their working ability as well. As more and more renal cells fail to work, kidney function decreases. Therefore, for patients with CKD stage 4, they can improve their kidney function by repairing these damaged renal cells. Also, through protecting the residual healthy renal intrinsic cells, further kidney damages can be avoided and CKD stage 4 stop progressing. Consequently, kidney failure is avoided effectively.

Immunotherapy is a combination of western medicines and estern medicines. In Immunotherapy, western medicines are applied to control symptoms, which is very helpful and necessary for preventing kidney failure. After that, Chinese medicines are used to increase self-curative ability of these damaged renal cells. Also, Chinese medicines are rich in nutrition and can provide the necessary substances. In Immunotherapy, different kinds of Chinese medications are applied and some of them have function to against inflammation and coagulation which can protect our healthy renal tissues from being damaged.

Immunotherapy is not the only option for CKD stage 4, but it is the best as it can help patients get far away from kidney failure.

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