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Kidney Failure Caused by Various CKD

2012-12-07 12:52

Kidney failure is the end stage of various chronic kidney diseases in which part of or all kidney functions have been lost. Since CKD is a group of chronically progressive diseases, the final renal failure is actually can be prevented if it can be detected in the early stage and effective treatments are received timely.

Therefore we need to know what the early signs of CKD are. Before having obvious clinical symptoms, many CKD patients have already experiencing long term asymptomatic stage and it is not easy to be diagnosed without related tests and examinations. However there are indeed some early sign and only it requires enough attention and importance. For example, back pain, edema, high blood pressure, anemia, bubble urine, reddish urine, etc. Most people do not pay enough attention to these symptoms and just ignore them; actually they are warnings from the kidneys. If young people have increased night urination, it might be the early symptom of renal hypofunction and should arouse enough attention.

The routine physical examination is the best method for early detection of kidney disease and regular urine test can make a preliminary diagnosis. If there are proteinuria and hematuria, early treatments should be taken to prevent further aggravation and protect remaining kidney functions.

Proper early preventions are also of great importance, it mainly consists of the following aspects:

1. Positive and timely treating primary disease including glomerulonephritis, lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis as well as diabetes and hypertension so as to prevent chronic renal failure.

2. Prevent or eliminate risk factors for aggravating renal functions including renal toxic drugs, severe infections, dehydration, urinary obstruction, traumas, etc.

3. The application of ACEI can not only control high blood pressure but also rectify the renal states of high perfusion and high filtration so as to slow down the progression into renal failure.

Reasonable diets. It has been proved that low-protein, low-phosphorus and low-fat diets can help protect kidney functions for chronic kidney disease patients.

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