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Can I Drink Beer with Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-07-05 17:20

Can I drink beer with chronic kidney disease (CKD)? For normal people, drinking moderate beer is very good, because we can benefit a lot from it. But for the patients with kidney disease, they need to pay attention to many things on their diet and many foods are limited. As for beer, whether they can drink beer with chronic kidney disease or not?

In clinic, the patients with kidney disease usually are warned that they should stay away from smoking and drinking. For the patient that is a lover of beer, how painful it is to avoid beer. In order to prevent their disease aggravating, next, we will introduce you the harms of drinking beer to the patients, if you are one of the patients, we hope you can pay attention to this article and read following.

1. Aggravate kidney damage

The main harm of drinking beer is to kidneys. Because it is not only bad for the recovery of kidney damage, it also can increase the burden of kidneys and make kidney disease worse.

2. Harm liver

Medical studies have shown that more than ninety percent beer what we drink is metabolized in liver. During the process of metabolism, many substances will be consumed, such as coenzyme I, coenzyme II and cytochrome P450, which can lead to the necrosis of liver cells and make liver fibrosis gradually.

3. Other harms

Drinking beer for a long time also can cause anemia, platelet function disorder, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis and so on.

The above three points is the harms of drinking beer to the patients with CKD, so we can see that how dangerous it is to drink beer for the patient. In order to protect the kidneys, you had better not drink beer. Besides, in order to recover health in a early time, you need to receive effective treatment in time. In our hospital, there are many effective natural treatments for CKD, if you want to know them, you can chat with our online doctors with free or send an email to, and we will reply you soon.

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