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Is Mangosteen Good to Lower High Creatinine Level in CKD

2014-07-12 10:26

Is Mangosteen Good to Lower High Creatinine Level in CKDMangosteen is popular and favorite with the people around the world, especially in western countries. It is delicious and rich in nutrients, so is mangosteen good to lower high creatinine level in CKD? Next, we will give you the answer.

What does it mean for the CKD with high creatinine?

In clinic, creatinine level is usually regarded as an important indicator measuring renal function. When kidneys are damaged and fail to work, the creatinine level will rise and become the toxins. That is to say, high creatinine level means that CKD develops into serious stage. In order to protect the kidney function, lowering high creatinine level is so important.

Is mangosteen good to lower high creatinine level in CKD?

Mangosteen contains many nutrients and has a very high medical value. For the patients with CKD, their immunity is lower than normal, and they are easy to be infected. Mangosteen can improve immunity, because it is rich in antioxidants. Besides, CVD is a common complication of CKD, but mangosteen is rich in Xanthones that is beneficial to cardiovascular system. The patients with CKD can benefit a lot from mangosteen, but it does not mean that the patients with CKD can eat it. And at last, we will answer you that mangosteen has no the function of lowering high creatinine level.

Studies show that the diabetes should avoid mangosteen, and the patients with kidney disease should eat less it. So, if you are a lover of mangosteen, you had better eat it under your doctor’s instruction. Except diet, you should receive timely and effective treatments. In China, if you are not in the late stage of kidney failure, you are more likely to be reversed. If you want to know our natural treatments of treating CKD, you are welcome to leave your info below to contact us.

In conclusion, mangosteen is not good to lower high creatinine level in CKD, and the patients are not recommended to eat it. Any other questions or help, welcome send your need to, and we will try our best to satisfy your need as soon as possible.

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