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Why Do the CKD Patients Suffer from Skin Itch After Dialysis

2014-08-13 08:30

Many CKD patients complain that their skin is very itchy after dialysis, which affects their life seriously and their mood. While, they also are told that they cannot scratch their skin to avoid infection. Then, why do the CKD patients suffer from skin itch after dialysis?Next, we will give you a particular answer, so we hope you can pay attention to it.

Why do the CKD patients suffer from skin itch after dialysis? There are three main causes, they are electrolyte metabolic disorders, nitrogen metabolites retention and allergic reaction. And the detailed analysis is as follows:

Electrolyte metabolic disorders: A common cause of skin itch is a high level of phosphorus in the blood. Dialysis does not effectively remove phosphorus out from blood, though it is often adopted to treat kidney failure. The accumulation of phosphorus in blood can cause skin itch.

Nitrogen metabolites retention: it can stimulate skin and cause sebaceous glands and sweat glands atrophy, which can cause itchy skin. While, inadequate dialysis also increase the accumulation of nitrogen metabolites to aggravate itchy skin.

Allergic reaction: Sometimes itching is caused by allergies. If you notice itching occurs at the beginning of dialysis treatments, you could have an allergy to the blood tubing, dialyzer (artificial kidney), the type of heparin being used or other elements associated with the treatment.

When you are suffering from itchy skin, please remember the following note: try to avoid scratching an itch so you won’t break the skin. If this happens, keep the area clean to prevent germs from causing an infection.

Now, the reason why do the CKD patients suffer from skin itch after dialysis have been given. In fact, except dialysis, you also can receive other natural treatments to treat your disease and remit your symptoms. Here we have to introduce you Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood purification. They are proved to be the best treatments for kidney failure. If you want to know them more, you are welcome to send an email to, and we will reply you soon. Best wishes!

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