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What Factors Can Lead to Chronic Kidney Disease Relapse

2014-08-23 15:33

Chronic kidney disease refers to CKD, and it means that kidney damage or GFR<60ml/min lasts more than three months. In general, timely and effective treatment can control CKD and its complications. While, at present, it is very difficult to treat CKD from root, and the disease is easy to relapse. What factors can lead to CKD relapse? Please see the following.

First, cold

Cold is a common factor that can lead to CKD relapse. The patients get clod, which means that their immune system disorders. In that case, it can cause inflammation again, which can cause CKD relapse easily.

Second, infection

The infections that we are familiar have respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, skin infection, they also can cause the recurrence of CKD.

Third, strain

Strain also can increase the burden of kidney and induce kidney disease, such as hard exercise, stay up, overwork and so on.

Fourth, diet

A reasonable diet can help the patients control disease and live a better life, while improper diet also can motivate the disease. For example, eating salty foods can let the kidneys work more.

Fifth, high blood pressure

There is a very close connection between high blood pressure and kidney disease. Kidney disease can cause blood pressure rise, on the contrary, high blood pressure also can cause kidney disease. So. If uncontrolled well, high blood pressure is a main factor to induce CKD.

Sixth, nephrotoxic drugs

For the patients with kidney disease, many of them need to take medicines to prevent complications, while many medicines have renal toxicity, so before you take some medicines, you had better consult your doctor.

Seventh, negative mood

Mood swings also can induce kidney disease, and excessive happiness, anger and sadness belong to mood swings.

The above seven points are the common factors that can lead to CKD relapse. So in order to prevent recurrent kidney disease, you need to pay attention to these factors. In your daily life, you should prevent cold and infection, avoid stain and using nephrotoxic drugs, control blood pressure, eat a healthy diet and keep a good mood. Any other questions, you are welcome to send an email to, and we will response you soon.

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