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How to Diagnose Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

2014-09-19 11:58

How to diagnose chronic kidney disease stage 3? Many people ask us this question. Chronic kidney disease stage 3 is the middle stage of kidney damage, and also is the key treatment period. But, many people do not know the methods of measuring kidney disease stage. Next, please continue reading the following article for the answer.

Some people just depend on the symptoms of chronic kidney stage 3 CKD to diagnose chronic kidney disease stage 3. Obviously, it is not acceptable, because the symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease varies from person to person. Besides, BUN level also can be regarded as the index of measuring renal function. When it is higher than the normal level, we can say that kidney is damaged. While, it cannot judge out the kidney disease stage accurately, because in some conditions, the level also is not suitable for the standards. Thus, it just can be a reference.

Then, what methods can diagnose chronic kidney disease stage 3 exactly? In fact, at present, the best test is to measure glomerular filtration rate, because GFR can precisely judge out your kidney function and determine your stage of kidney disease. Here, you may come up with another question that how to measure GFR. In normal circumstances, serum creatinine level is adjusted by kidneys and kept in a healthy range. while, if GFR decreases, the excessive creatinine cannot filter into urine and can stay in blood. Besides, creatinine level also is affected by gender, age and weight. Thus, your doctor can calculate GFR from your serum creatinine level, gender, age and weight. In general, stage 3 CKD means your GFR decreases between 59ml/min and 30ml/min, and your serum creatinine level declines between 442umol/L and 186umol/L.

How to diagnose chronic kidney disease stage 3? If your serum creatinine level is suitable for the above standard, you are suffering from stage 3 kidney disease. Besides, in order to make sure your kidney disease stage, we also have our special tests can measure your renal function and kidney disease stage accurately. Proper treatment is possible to reverse your disease and help you prevent kidney failure. If you want to know our special tests or effective treatments for kidney disease, you are welcome to consult our online doctors at any time.

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