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Treatment for CKD Stage 4 with GFR 20

2014-09-27 11:25

CKD stage 4 with GFR 20It is likely that some CKD stage 4 patients need to have dialysis or transplantation, but it will cost patients a lot and also patients will suffer a lot. So they are eager to find the best treatment for CKD stage 4 with GFR 20.

Extra water and wastes can be removed out by dialysis, but it can only clear away small molecules in toxins, can not remove out macromolecules in toxins, so the macromolecules would left behind in the kidney and make further damage to other organs. Dialysis also has many side effects, such as causing low blood pressure, infection and nausea. What’s worse, the longer time you have dialysis, the less immunity you have.

Another choice for CKD stage 4 with GFR 20 is kidney transplantation. In fact,it is very difficult to wait a donor and even if they have successful transplantation they also need to take great amount of anti-rejection drugs.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best treatment to deal with Chronic Kidney Disease, because it treats the disease from root and stops further damage for kidney.

It also has the function as following:

Expanding blood vessels. There must be all kinds of damages about vascular tissues because of the calculation of immune complex. The blood vessels will be expended by using Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can increase the blood flow.

Anti-inflammation. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helps remit mass of inflammatory substance and improves the GFR level.

Anti-freezing. The calculation of immune complex certainly leads to the increase clotting factors, which will bring about vascular ischemia and hypoxia. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy improves vascular ischemia and hypoxia.

Degradation of extracellular matrix. Actually, Extracellular matrix damages inherent kidney cells, which contributes to serious kidney disease.

To sum up, treating kidney disease is to improve the kidney function, thus can easily improve GFR level. So the best treatment for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease stage 4 with GFFR 20 is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you suffer from stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease and are interested in Chinese therapy, feel free to contact us to learn more. We are glad to help.

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