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How to Treat Serious Insomnia in Stage 4 CKD

2014-09-29 16:53

serious insomnia in stage 4 CKDCKD is short for chronic kidney disease and people who suffer from various kidney disease symptoms over 3 months are considered as CKD patients. Among these symptoms, insomnia is one of them which troubles a lot of CKD patients. Then how to treat insomnia in stage 4 CKD?

What is the cause of insomnia in stage 4 CKD?

We know kidneys play the role of eliminating toxins and metabolite out of the body. Healthy kidney can do this job very well, but once the kidneys are damaged, it cannot eliminate these harmful substances timely. As a result, accumulate in the kidneys and lead to a variety of symptoms. These toxins will stimulate nervous system then cause neurological disorders, and insomnia is one of these manifestations. What is more, medicine, psychological factors, external environment are also related to insomnia.

How to treat serious insomnia in stage 4 CKD?

Since the insomnia is caused by toxins accumulation, clear these substances out of body is the first step. As the routine treatment, dialysis can solve this problem in some extent, but it cannot treat the damaged kidney, for toxins will accumulate continuous and patients have to undergo dialysis all the time to maintain their life.

Aiming at this problem, the experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine devoted their lives to create effective treatments. And “Four ‘One’” Chinese Traditional Treatment and Seven Traditional Chinese medicine are our typical treatments. “Four ‘One’” treatment include Maikang Composition, An oral Chinese medicine, foot bath. These therapies can anti-coagulation and promote the effects of oral medicine. In addition, the seven therapies include hot compress, medical bath, Chinese cycle therapy, foot bath with Chinese medicine, steaming therapy, enema with Chinese medicine therapy and acupuncture. they can repair the damaged kidney and improve kidney functions. Only by resume the kidney function can we treat serious insomnia in stage 4 CKD.

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