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How long Can Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease progress into Kidney Failure

2015-04-04 11:09

stage 4  kidney disease prognosisA person with stage 4 CKD had advanced kidney damage with a severe decrease in GFR15-30 to ml/min. With decreasing GFR, lots of toxic substances and wastes products begin to deposit in the body, leading to kidney failure. So patients are wondering how long can stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease progress into kidney failure.

The length of time that stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease progress into kidney failure depends on patients’ own illness condition, such as illness history, patients specific condition, patients’ age, so we can not tell you how long can stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease progress into kidney failure, what we can tell you is that you can slow down kidney damage and prevent stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease progressing into kidney failure.

There are three approaches for kidney failure, including dialysis, kidney transplant and the natural therapies.

Dialysis is a procedure which cleans the toxic substances and wastes products by filtering blood. As a matter of fact, for whose who suffer from long term of dialysis, their kidney function can be decreased seriously.

Kidney transplant is a procedure in which the new kidneys was placed in the body to replaced the diseased one and replace the function of the natural kidneys. For patients with kidney transplant, they must take medicines for the life of the transplanted kidney to prevent rejection.

The natural herbs in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine are provided for patients with kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a external application, which makes it possible to help the active substances enter into the kidney lesions directly. Because the active substances is selected from the natural herbs, they have less adverse effects to patients. This treatment takes effects to increase the promote the excretion of toxic substances, increase blood circulation, extend blood vessels, dredging extrecellular matrix, regulate blood pressure, repair kidney damage and provide a internal environment to help the diseased cells get repaired, slow down the progression, prevent the kidney disease progressing into kidney failure.

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