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How to Alleviate Blood Urine in chronic Kidney Disease

2015-06-23 16:56

Most of patients do not know what should they do when blood urine happens. When there are lots of bubbles in urine, there is a indicates that there is damage in their kidneys. How to alleviate blood urine in chronic kidney disease?

In generally, there are millions of filters in kidneys acting filters to remove the toxic substances and wastes products out of body. When there is damage on these filters, some useful substances can be eliminated out of body along with urine, at the same, lots of wastes products and toxic substances can not removed out of body.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy can alleviate blood urine in chronic kidney disease effectively. It crushes herbal Chinese medicines and steeps them with special fluid. Then doctors put the medicine into two special bags. The two bags will be put on the kidney area of patients through certain machines. So Chinese medicine can be permeated into kidney and takes effect to enlarge vessels and resist inflammation.

By enlarging vessels, blood circulation can be accelerate to stimulate toxins and inflammatory cells out. By resisting inflammation, it can provide a beneficial environment for injured renal cells to repair. Accordingly, renal function will increase to filter blood in the kidney so as to alleviate blood urine in chronic kidney disease.

As for the diet, patients should drink more water to increase the amount of urine. As it can wash urethra to excrete bacteria and toxin out. The amount of water should not less than 3000ml per day.

They are suggested to have high-heat and high-vitamin food which is easily to digest. Semi-liquid food is the best choice for them.

Patients are suggested to do exercises properly in order to increase the ability to resist disease. While on the other side, they should have rest and avoid fatigue and constipation.

Blood urine in chronic kidney disease can be alleviated by active treatment. If you are interested in our therapy, please contact us online or leave a message below.

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