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Can I Improve Kidney Function with Sage 3 CKD

2015-10-26 10:52

Can I Improve Kidney Function with Sage 3 CKDStage 3 chronic kidney disease is the key stage of kidney disease where patients’ kidney function has been decreased moderately. If patients receive treatment timely, they have a lot of hope to repair kidney damage and help the diseased tissues gets repaired gradually. Is there any thing to improve kidney function with stage 3 kidney disease? Now, the renal experts will propose a new explanation for each one of you.

As a matter of fact, for patients with stage 1-2 kidney disease, they are more likely to experience less poisoning symptoms. Because the toxins and wastes products deposited in the body is not serious enough to make patients suffer from adverse effects.

Patients start to experience some poisoning symptoms, when their kidney disease is developed into stage 3 kidney disease. And the poisoning symptoms experienced on their physical is not bad enough to make patients undergo dialysis. Hence, attention for improving kidney function and slowing down kidney damage should be paid to take regular medications. However, long term of consuming these medications makes patients experience its various adverse effects, such as headache and low immunity.

As for the problem of improving kidney function, a great deal of renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Different other form of Chinese medicine, this therapy is used externally. By external application, this treatment will achieve the best effects to help patients keep away from the disease. The main materials in this therapy are numerous Chinese herbs which has the function of promoting blood circulation and dilating blood vessels. In order to improve its efficiency, the Chinese herbs are refined into powder and then collected into two medicated bags. And then, patients just need to lie down on the two medicated bags with their low back area. By connecting osmotic machine and two medicated bags, the active substances in Chinese herbs can come out and then penetrate inside kidney directly.

By taking this treatment, sufficient blood and oxygen can be delivered to the kidneys and important organs. Diseased cells and kidney tissues can be repaired gradually by taking the natural treatment. And then, their kidney function also can be repaired gradually.

If you still have doubt about the natural treatments for improving kidney function, please contact our online doctor directly or send email to or leave a message below. We are very glad to help you.

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