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Medication for Constipation with Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-11-03 14:01

Medication for Constipation with Chronic Kidney DiseaseConstipation is commonly seen in people with chronic kidney disease. Constipation decreases patients’ life quality severely. Regarding on this, patients need to figure out medications for constipation with chronic kidney disease.

Before knowing the treatment for constipation with chronic kidney disease, patients have to understand that why patients with chronic kidney disease experience constipation.

First of all, they drink less water. Usually, patients are not allowed to drink too much water for avoiding severe swelling. Drinking less water may be the direct reason for constipation. Patients should drink more water under the guidance of doctors.

And then, since the foods that are high in fiber is usually high in potassium. With the purpose of keeping electrolyte level into balance, they are forbidden to eat too much foods that are high in fiber. With doctors’ proper suggestion, patients can take proper amount of foods that are high in fiber.

Thirdly, it is because decreasing kidney function. Due to decreasing kidney function, the kidneys are unable to eliminate much wastes products and toxins. Patients need to attach more importance to repair disease inherent cells and body tissues.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital provides patients a natural treatment to repair the diseased inherent cells and kidney tissues. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proved to be very effective in treating kidney diseases. There are numerous of Chinese herbs in it servers as a tool to deliver sufficient blood and oxygen to the kidneys. With the purpose of improving kidney function, the herbal medicines are refined into powder and then it is collected into two medicated bags. Patients just need to lie down on the two medicated bags with their low back area. By connecting the osmotic machine and two medicated bags, the active substances can come out and then penetrate inside kidney lesions directly. With the help of this treatment and by promoting blood circulation and extending blood vessels, inherent cells and kidney tissues can be repaired gradually. As a result, the problem of constipation can be relived gradually and naturally.

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