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How Long Before Stage 3 CKD Turns to Stage 5

2013-05-06 14:57

How long before stage 3 CKD turns to stage 5? CKD is the abbreviation of Chronic Kidney Disease and stage 5 can be directly called kidney failure which is always used to describe the final consequence of both chronic kidney problem and acute kidney problem. CKD causes no obvious symptoms or discomforts in the first two stages, so many people are diagnosed with CKD stage 3 directly once they realise there is something wrong with their kidney.

With CKD stage 3, various symptoms like high blood pressure, fatigue, swelling and frequent urination at night begin appear one by one, which makes patients begin to think about their life span. How long before stage 3 CKD turns to stage 5 is a commonly asked question, because the answer will help patients to know when dialysis or kidney transplant will be required by them.

Actually, there is no a specific answer about the question how long before stage 3 CKD turns to stage 5, as the exact illness condition differs greatly from case to case. For some patients with CKD in stage 3, they may suffer from kidney failure within several days or weeks when they met aggravating factors like cold and infection. In contrast, some others may live as long as decades before the illness condition develops to kidney failure stage.

In reality, many facts can affect the progression condition of CKD. For people with CKD stage 3, they can stop, at least delay CKD stage 5 through taking the following measures:

1. Tightly control symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria, hematuria and anemia which can accelerate CKD stage 3 to CKD stage 5.

2. Make diet changes and try to avoid foods high in salt, potassium and phosphorus. Adjust protein intake and fluid intake according to illness condition.

3. Avoid cold and infection.

4. Avoid staying up all the night and have a good rest.

5. Do not drink alcohol and smoke.

6. Try some Chinese medicines like micro-Chinese medicine which can help to improve kidney function.

7. Find out the root cause of kidney problem and try to remove the causes.

CKD stage 3 is relatively mild and brings no severe impact on patient’s life, so in some cases, it is not treated seriously, which is the major reason that CKD stage 3 patients suffer from acute kidney failure. From this point of view, having a correct attitude and effective management is of great importance for delaying stage 3 CKD turns to stage 5.

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