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Is It Possible to Live with 37% Kidney Function Without Dialysis

2018-04-23 15:15

Is It Possible to Live with 37% Kidney Function Without DialysisVisitor: Is it possible to live with 37% kidney function without dialysis?

Renal-onlinedoctor: Yes, as long as you receive the valid treatments timely and protect yourself well. Kidney function 37% shows you at in the third stage of kidney disease, a reversible phase. Any symptoms now? like foamy urine, swelling, fatigue, back pain, anemia, itching, etc?

Visitor: Foamy urine.

Renal-onlinedoctor: Got it, it is a common symptom of kidney disease. Usually, it presents protein leakage, and your kidney condition will be worsened quicken in this case. For how long? Foamy urine?

Visitor: Is it a privy talk?

Renal-onlinedoctor: Yes. I need to know more about the patients’ physical condition and thus give you the related information and available advice. Here are some limitations. Or we can have a talk by other ways.

Visitor: What is your treatments? And what is the success rate?

Renal-onlinedoctor: We mainly use natural treatments including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture, Acupuncture, Moxibustion and so on. But which one is suitable to you depends on your illness conditions. If possible, please send your latest lab test reports to me. I will analyze it and give your more suggestions.

Visitor: What is the charge?

Renal-onlinedoctor: The suggestions are free, and the treatment cost depends on your illness conditions totally.

Visitor: What is the name of your hospital?

Renal-onlinedoctor: Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

Visitor: OK, please add my whatsapp. Also my e-mail is. How can I contact you?

Renal-onlinedoctor: Here is my contact information:

Whatsapp / Phone: +8618395615012


I will contact you within 24h. Have a good day.

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