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What Are The Conditions That Chronic Nephritis Patients Can Make A Baby

2018-09-09 10:59

Chronic Nephritis Patients,Make A BabyIt can be seen that if nephritis can get pregnant, there are the following situations:

1. Chronic nephritis with hypertension is not suitable for pregnant women. About 75% of pregnancies complicated with severe pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome. The incidence of premature labor and stillbirth is extremely high. Preeclampsia and eclampsia occur when pregnant women with nephritis develop pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome (PIH). At this time, high blood pressure is associated with headache, blindness, nausea, vomiting, and even convulsions. Eclampsia poses a great threat to the life of pregnant women and fetuses. In addition to active treatment, pregnancy is often terminated to relieve the burden of the heart and kidney.

2. If chronic benevolent inflammation does not return to normal renal function, urinary protein increased, from 2+ to 3+", blood urea nitrogen or creatinine increased, to prevent the occurrence of renal failure. Such patients should not be pregnant. If it is early pregnancy, it should be induced abortion.

3. Women suffering from chronic nephritis, if the kidney function has been basically normal, small amounts of urinary protein (micro or "+"), and a stable period of time, can be pregnant. But attention should be paid to rest, increase nutrition, eat more food containing protein, supplement adequate vitamins, diet should be light, not too salty. Pay attention to increase body resistance, avoid infection, regular check renal function. Every time of prenatal examination, we should observe edema, weight gain, blood pressure and urine protein. Only a small amount of proteinuria without hypertension, pregnancy to strengthen health care, careful monitoring, pregnancy outcomes are generally good.

If it is confirmed to be chronic nephritis, it is better to have sterilization after one pregnancy. Even if the first is aborted, do not venture to be pregnant again. Clinically, it has been proved that every pregnancy will aggravate nephritis and shorten the life span of patients.

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