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How Dangerous The Complications Of Kidney Failure

2018-09-20 09:23

Kidney Failure,ComplicationsChronic renal failure can cause heart failure, arrhythmia and myocardial damage due to renal hypertension, acidosis, hyperkalemia, sodium and water retention, anemia and toxic substances. Due to the stimulation of urea (and possibly uric acid), aseptic pericarditis can also occur, and the patient has pain in the precordial region; pericardial fricative sounds are smelled during physical examination. In severe cases, there are fibrinous and bloody exudates in the pericardial cavity.

In patients with acidosis, the respiration rate is slow and deep. When severe, the specificity of Kussmaul is seen. The exhaled breath of the patient has urine taste, which is caused by the decomposition of urea from the sleeping fluid by the bacteria. Severe patients may have pulmonary edema, cellulosic pleurisy or lung calcification and other lesions, pulmonary edema and heart failure, hypoproteinemia, sodium and water retention and other factors related to the role. Cellulosic pleurisy is an inflammation caused by urea stimulation; lung calcification is caused by calcium phosphate deposition in lung tissue.

Pruritus is a common symptom in uremic patients, possibly caused by the stimulation of skin receptors by toxic products; some people think it is related to secondary hyperparathyroidism, because the removal of parathyroid glands can relieve the painful symptoms immediately. In addition, the patient's skin is dry, desquamation and yellowish brown. Changes in skin color were previously thought to be due to increased urinary pigmentation, but absorption spectrophotometry showed that skin pigmentation was predominantly melanin. Slight contusion can cause skin ecchymosis at the skin exposure site. Because of the high concentration of urea in sweat, there are white crystals of urea in the opening of sweat glands, called urea cream. substance metabolism disorders.

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