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What Are The Methods To Prevent Kidney Failure

2018-10-21 16:00

Prevent Kidney Failure1. To prevent the continuous progress and sudden aggravation of chronic renal failure patients, actively correct lipid metabolism disorders, into a high-quality low-protein diet, control hypertension, avoid aggravating factors, appropriate cold and cold shelter. Avoid exogenous infection. At the same time, pay attention to reasonable diet and rest, in order to effectively prevent the progress of the disease, and promote recovery.

2. To prevent the possible chronic renal insufficiency, early screening and prompt and effective treatment should be carried out for the existing kidney diseases or the possible causes, such as chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

3. In life, patients should pay attention to appropriate warmth, especially to prevent colds and diarrhea, easy to lead to infection of renal function, a cold infection may rise a little. Diarrhea and colds are all likely to aggravate renal damage.

4. Be careful not to do a lot of exercise. Generally speaking, the heart function of patients with poor renal function is worse than that of normal people, and they can not bear a lot of exercise. At the same time, doing a lot of exercise can also cause sudden heart failure.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is widely used in China to treat kidney failure, It connects with the Advanced Technology of the Machine of osmosis. It is an external application with two medicated bags. Two medicated bags are placed in the shenshu area of patients, and you only need to lie in the bed for 40-50 minutes. The Machine of the osmosis helps the active ingredients in Chinese Medicines entering the kidney damage directly through the shenshu acupoint and skin permeation. It can Clean Your Blood to provide a good Environment of Blood to recover renal function. With a clean environment of micro - Blood, Micro-Chinese Medicine can stimulate the self-healing capacity of damaged renal tissues and renal function gradually improved through the expansion of blood vessels, Improving Blood Circulation, degrade The Matrix former Tracelular, prevent the inflammation and coagulation.

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