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Fours Kinds Of Medicine Are Used On Treating Kidney Failure

2019-02-27 09:50

Treating Kidney Failure,MedicineThe treatment of nephropathy is not only affected by congenital pathological types, but also closely related to the use of drugs in the later stage. The treatment of nephropathy is very difficult, and many kinds of symptoms and complications are often concentrated together. To delay renal function as far as possible, accurate and rational drug use is very important.

In the course of nephropathy treatment, various drugs will be used for different symptoms, and many friends will take medicine according to doctor's advice, but they know little about some precautions of taking medicine, which leads to the discount of the effect of drugs, and the money spent on the disease is not getting better.

There are six kinds of drugs for nephropathy treatment, which are the most commonly used and indispensable for reducing protein and protecting kidney. Some drug nephropathy patients even need to take them for life.

1. Hormone

Hormone is one of the most commonly used drugs in nephropathy, which mainly has the effect of eliminating inflammation and reducing the level of proteinuria. The side effects and repetitiveness of hormones are the problems that some nephrophiles often face when taking them.

Long-term use of hormones can lead to metabolic disorders such as water, salt and protein. Full-moon faces, buffalo backs, acne and other conditions can also reduce physical resistance, so that many kidney friends are very "rejected" hormone therapy, but in fact this is a normal phenomenon, after a month of withdrawal, the situation will improve.

In addition, hormone-sensitive patients are also facing such an embarrassing situation that "once hormone is stopped, the disease will relapse". If the hormone dependence is formed, when taking and reducing drugs, Kidney Friends should pay attention to follow the rules of slow drug reduction. During drug reduction, other depressants and anti-inflammatory drugs can be selected to replace them, so as to avoid recurrence of the disease. Judgment is enough to stop the drug, according to the pathology, laboratory results and the recovery of the situation of a comprehensive analysis of many aspects, can not be stopped without authorization.

2. Special antihypertensive drugs: pril and sartan

Most of the renal friends with renal insufficiency begin to have hypertension complications, which is very harmful to the maintenance of renal function. Therefore, to delay the progress of renal function, it is necessary to control the stability of blood pressure. Nephropathy can not be treated without antihypertensive drugs.

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACIE) and angiotensin II receptor antagonist (ARB) are commonly used antihypertensive drugs. One of the reasons for choosing these two drugs is that they also have the function of reducing protein and delaying the progress of renal function.

When taking these two drugs, Kidney Friends should pay attention to monitoring the situation of blood potassium and creatinine. Patients with renal insufficiency, double renal artery stenosis and pregnancy are forbidden to take them. Patients with hypotension should also pay attention to monitoring to take it.

3. Erythropoietin, a drug for anemia

After the damage of kidney cells, kidney fibrosis, sclerosis, function decline, the number of erythropoietin is reduced, which easily leads to anemia, and the worse the renal function is, the more serious the situation is.

The effective way to prevent and cure anemia is to inject erythropoietin. In order to avoid malnutrition and increase the risk of infection, patients with severe anemia need long-term injection. Some friends of the kidney can't stand the pain of injection and stop it. Sudden withdrawal of drugs can lead to insufficient blood supply, easily lead to infection, myocardial ischemia and aggravate the progress of renal failure. Kidney friends are advised not to stop medication blindly.

4. Uric acid-lowering drugs

With the progress of kidney function, kidney friends will have different levels of uric acid rise. If uric acid rise is not serious, dietary treatment can be controlled, but if uric acid rise is difficult to eliminate, treatment should be taken to avoid aggravating the burden of kidney metabolism. The commonly used uric acid-lowering drugs are allopurinol and febupropasol. Prosulfuron and Benzbromarone are used to promote uric acid metabolism. Some drugs are not suitable for patients with renal insufficiency, such as Prosulfuron, and some drugs, such as Benzbromarone, need to monitor renal function when taking them.

In addition, we should not stop taking hyaluronic acid drugs at will. We should pay attention to monitoring the level of uric acid. If the level of uric acid is stable for a long time, we can consider reducing or stopping the drugs. But if the sudden increase of uric acid is caused by stopping the drugs immediately, it will undoubtedly accelerate renal failure.

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