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Chronic Kidney Disease And Night Cramp

2013-07-12 10:59

Nigh cramp is a common complain among Chronic Kidney Disease patients. They may suffer from sudden waking at night and severe pain in leg muscles due to this problem, which affect their life seriously. Well, how Chronic Kidney Disease cause night cramp?

For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, they may suffer from severe night cramp due to:

1. Lack of calcium

Calcium plays an important role for a normal physiological functioning and in normal condition, calcium-phosphorus ratio is kept in a stable range. Kidney is the organ that helps to keep a normal and stable calcium level in blood. And when kidney function is affected severely, massive phosphorus will build up in the blood, which can cause decrease of calcium level. Low calcium level is one of the major cause for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to experience night cramp.

Besides, Chronic Kidney Disease patients can not eat as freely as healthy people. They may need to avoid lots of vegetables and fruits due to high potassium level and high phosphorus level, which makes it hard for them to ingest enough calcium through diet. This also plays a role for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to have low calcium level in blood.

2. Buildup of metabolic wastes in the blood

Kidneys are responsible for discharging wastes in the blood; and when kidney tissues are damaged seriously, kidney function gets impaired. Under such a condition, various metabolic wastes build up in the blood, which can cause threat to our internal organs. Nigh cramp or muscle cramp occurs when muscles are nerves are damaged due to high toxins in blood.

3. Low potassium level in blood

Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients have elevation of potassium, but in some cases, patients may experience low levels of potassium in blood and this can trigger night cramp.

4. Fluid imbalance

Fluid imbalance is another common cause of night cramp for Chronic Kidney Disease patients. We know kidney is in charge of excreting excess fluid in the blood and produce urine. When kidney function is affected, fluid imbalance occurs. In that case, patients will run high risk for night cramp.

Night cramp is just one of the clinical manifestation of Chronic Kidney Disease. Its onset is closely related with impaired kidney function. Therefore, repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells to improve kidney function is very essential for removing this problem radically.

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