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Persistent Fever In CKD Patients

2013-07-13 14:44

Persistent Fever In CKD PatientsPersistent fever can be an annoying complication of CKD. When persistent fever occurs, CKD patients need to firstly found out the root cause of it. Only with a clear cause, can we know well about how to prevent or remit it.

CKD is the progressive loss of kidney function. It causes no obvious discomforts in early stage, but may involve all the body systems when develops to advanced stage. For this reason, stopping CKD from progression is of great clinical significance. Persistent fever is a dangerous condition and occurs easily due to infection which is usually contributable to:

1. Long-term taking of immunosuppressive agents

In more than 95% cases of CKD, kidney damages result from severe inflammation. Immunosuppressive agents are commonly used to help CKD patients to block inflammation, which not only help to prevent further kidney damages to some extent, but also show effects in slowing down illness progression. However, long-term taking of these medicines will impair immune system and increase patients’ risk for infection.

2. Severe loss of protein in urine

Protein is the antibody of our body which helps us fight against surrounding bacterium and virus. In CKD, large amounts of protein are lost from urine, which affects patients’ immunity and makes them are susceptible to infection.

3. Dialysis

For CKD patients who have started dialysis, long-term exposure of blood outside the body also increase their risk for infection.

In cases of CKD, persistent fever may occur due to many different factors. Aside from the above common causes, septicemia and pyrogenic reaction associated with dialysis may also give rise to fever problem. Therefore, founding out the root causes of persistent fever firstly is very essential. (Here we offer online service. You can talk with our doctors face to face about your illness condition and then get some useful suggestions. Also, you can leave your test reports to, our experts will help you fight out the root cause and give some practical suggestions)

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