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Symptoms And Diet for CKD Stage 3

2013-07-28 09:50

Chronic Kidney Disease is divided into 5 stages according to glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and stage is marked by GFR 30-59 ml/min/1.73㎡. Well, what symptoms will patients with CKD stage 3 experience and what they need to pay attention to their diet? Here, we will give an introduction about symptoms and diet for CKD stage 3. Hope it is helpful for you.

Symptoms of CKD stage 3

Tiredness: As kidney function begins to decline, its ability to secret various hormones decreases as well. One of the hormones secreted by kidney is called erythropoietin (EPO) which can help the bone marrow to make new red blood cells. When kidneys’ secretion function declines, EPO begin to decrease, resulting in fewer red blood cells. Anemia is diagnosed when red blood cell count is lower than the normal value. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body through hemoglobin, so we feel comfortable and have full energy. If the red blood cells decrease, the amount of oxygen decreases, too. Therefore, with CKD stage 3, patients will feel tired easily.

Edema: Edema is a visible symptom of CKD stage 3 and usually occurs when kidneys fail to discharge excessive sodium and fluid out of the body. In the early stage, edema always appear in the body parts with loose tissues like eyelid, face, hands, feet and ankle and testis for male. At that time, if illness condition can not be controlled effectively, edema will spread to the whole body.

Urine changes: For people with CKD stage 3, common urine changes include increased or decreased urine output, anuria, colorless urine, blood urine, foamy urine and so on. Kidney is responsible for producing urine, so when kidneys are affected, these urine changes will occur and also, the more severe the kidney damages, the more severe these urine changes.

Diet for CKD stage 3

Medical treatment is urgently needed for patients with CKD stage 3, but aside from it, they also need to pay extra attention to their diet.

* Eat grains, fruits and vegetables. But if blood tests show phosphorus or potassium levels are higher than normal value, foods like banana, rape, tomato, spinach, nuts, laver need to be avoided as they are high in potassium and phosphorus.

* Eat the foods with low saturated fat and cholesterol and moderate in total fats, especially if your cholesterol is high or if you have diabetes or heart disease.

* Patients with CKD stage 3 need to limit the protein intake, and they are generally asked to ingest 0.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Also, its better to eat some foods with high quality protein like lean meat, fish, milk and egg white and so on.

* Adjust fluid intake and eat less salt if there is severe swelling. High intake of fluid and salt not only worsen swelling, but also elevates blood pressure. For this reason, paying attention to fluid intake and salt intake is also necessary for CKD stage 3 patients.

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