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Treatment For Severe Leg Swelling in CKD

2013-07-31 16:05

Treatment For Severe Leg Swelling in CKDWhat is the treatment for severe leg swelling in CKD? CKD refers to problem in kidney, but it may involve various body systems. Leg swelling is a common complain among CKD patients, especially among these with advanced kidney problem. These discomforts are torturous, so an effective treatment is urgently needed by patients. However, the problem is many CKD patients have no ideal about how to manage leg swelling. Here, we will give some treatment suggestions and hope it is helpful.

ACE inhibitor drugs

First of all, if CKD patients experience severe leg swelling due to heavy loss of protein in urine, ACE inhibitor drugs like enalapril, quinapril, captopril, benazepril, trandolapril and lisinopril will be needed. All these medicines can help to reduce the loss of protein into urine and remit leg swelling.

Treatment for high sodium level

In CKD, some patients may experience leg swelling due to retention of water and sodium which occurs when kidneys fail to excrete sodium and fluid into the urine. In that cases, diuretics can be used to improve urine flow and reduce leg swelling. There are different types of diuretics in clinic and it is necessary for CKD patients to choose the right one according to their illness condition.

Besides, to get leg swelling and leg pain alleviated effectively, limiting sodium intake also plays a role. Salt is the most common source of sodium in our daily life. For this reason, CKD patients with leg swelling are always suggested to follow low-salt diet. Furthermore, low-salt diet also helps to control high blood pressure.

Herbs for leg swelling in CKD

Aside from ACE inhibitors drugs and diuretics, some herbs like celery seed, gree tea, gravel root, goldenrod, dandelion leaf and nettle leaf also can be used to help CKD patients reduce leg swelling. They work in different ways and if not used improperly, unnecessary health problems will be caused, so it is of great importance for CKD patients to get doctors’ permission before using them.

The above are the treatment suggestions for leg swelling in CKD, if there is anything unclear, you can contact us by leaving message to Also, we offer online service, you can consult our consultant directly.

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