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Fluctuating Blood Pressure In CKD Stage 4

2013-08-13 16:59

Fluctuating Blood Pressure In CKD Stage 4Elevation of blood pressure is commonly seen among CKD patients, especially among these with stage 4 or stage 5. With CKD, some patients may found their blood pressure fluctuate a lot, so is there any concern about this?

Effects of fluctuating blood pressure in CKD stage 4

First of all, we must realize that CKD stage 4 is a relatively serious condition. If not controlled well, illness deteriorate to stage 5 and dialysis or kidney transplant is needed. As a symptom of CKD, high blood pressure not only threatens heart, but also damage injured kidney. Compared with CKD patients whose blood pressure is put under control strictly, people with fluctuating blood pressure always have a poor life expectancy and they run a high risk to undergo dialysis or kidney transplant in nearest future. Seeing from this point of view, tight control of blood pressure is very essential for CKD stage 4 patients.

Treatments for fluctuating blood pressure in CKD stage 4

ACE inhibitors, Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), Beta-blockers, Calcium channel blockers and direct renin inhibitors are commonly used medicines for CKD patients to deal with elevated blood pressure. These medicines work in different ways and also show different effects in different cases. Therefore, knowing what medicines are suitable is very necessary for CKD patients.

Besides, aside from above medicines, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also can be used by CKD stage 4 patients to lower blood pressure. Micro-Chinese Medicine has multiple functions and one of them is expansion of blood pressure. In CKD stage 4, blood pressure increase mainly due to increased renin which can cause increase of Angiotensin II. The major function of angiotensin II is to shrink blood pressure, so when large amounts of it are produced, blood pressure increase because of severe shrinkage of blood vessels. Micro-Chinese Medicine treats high blood pressure by expanding blood vessels, so it is highly recommended.

Lastly, to receive satisfied treatment effects with the above mentioned medicines, CKD stage 4 patients must limit the salt intake in their daily diet, as it can cause elevation of blood pressure directly.

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