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Chronic Kidney Disease

Here's on how Chronic Kidney Disease causes kidney failure, and signs, diagnosis, treatment and diet of CKD to delay its progression to kidney failure.

Is Methadone Safe To Take If You Have CKD

Is methadone safe to take if you have CKD? Methadone is a opioid pain reliever and has been proven to be extremely helpful for relieving moderate to serious pain. Pain is a common complain among CKD patients, so many of them wonder if it is...Read More

Treatment For Severe Leg Swelling in CKD

What is the treatment for severe leg swelling in CKD? CKD refers to problem in kidney, but it may involve various body systems. Leg swelling is a common complain among CKD patients, especially among these with advanced kidney problem. These...Read More

Edema in Chronic Kidney Disease

For people chronic kidney diseases (CKD), they run high risk for lots of symptoms like edema, urination change, tiredness, poor appetite, sleep problems and nerve problems. Edema is a very common symptom in the kidney disease, so I introduc...Read More

Symptoms And Diet for CKD Stage 3

Chronic Kidney Disease is divided into 5 stages according to glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and stage is marked by GFR 30-59 ml/min/1.73㎡. Well, what symptoms will patients with CKD stage 3 experience and what they need to pay attention...Read More

Can Stage 3 Kidney Disease Be Reversed

Can stage 3 kidney disease be reversed? We all know when one is diagnosed with kidney failure, it is impossible to get himself cured, as necrotic kidney tissues can not be revived. Well, how about stage 3 kidney disease? Can it be reversed?...Read More

Poor Appetite In Stage 4 CKD

Stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a severe stage of kidney disease with the glomerular filtration rat falling at 15-30ml/min. Severely damaged kidneys can lead to a series of symptoms. As kidney function decline wastes products build...Read More

Persistent Fever In CKD Patients

Persistent fever can be an annoying complication of CKD. When persistent fever occurs, CKD patients need to firstly found out the root cause of it. Only with a clear cause, can we know well about how to prevent or remit it. CKD is the progr...Read More

Chronic Kidney Disease And Night Cramp

Nigh cramp is a common complain among Chronic Kidney Disease patients. They may suffer from sudden waking at night and severe pain in leg muscles due to this problem, which affect their life seriously. Well, how Chronic Kidney Disease cause...Read More

Chickweed: Natural Herb for Chronic Kidney Disease

Chickweed, an annual herb, can be used to treat various disorders as well as some kidney problems. Some people with chronic kidney disease try to add chickweed into their medicines to ease their symptoms. If you have urinary infection infec...Read More

How Long Before Stage 3 CKD Turns to Stage 5

How long before stage 3 CKD turns to stage 5? CKD is the abbreviation of Chronic Kidney Disease and CKD stage 5 can be directly called kidney failure which is always used to describe the final consequence of both chronic kidney problem and...Read More