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Chronic Kidney Disease

Here's on how Chronic Kidney Disease causes kidney failure, and signs, diagnosis, treatment and diet of CKD to delay its progression to kidney failure.

Medication for Constipation with Chronic Kidney Disease

Constipation is commonly seen in people with chronic kidney disease. Constipation decreases patients life quality severely. Regarding on this, patients need to figure out medications for constipation with chronic kidney disease. Before know...Read More

Is Chronic Kidney Disease Curable

Chronic Kidney disease is described as gradually losing of kidney function. With decreasing kidney function, patients run high risk to live shorter lift. Therefore, patients are wondering can kidney disease be cured? As a matter of fact, as...Read More

How Do you Slow Down Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease is a kind of progressing kidney disease, which needs very long time to treat. The progression decreases life quality and their life expectancy, hence, patients need to pay attention to know how do you slow down progre...Read More

Alternative Treatment for Kidney Disease without Dialysis

Patients with kidney disease often displayed symptoms of headache, muscle cramping and anemia. A treatment is needed to help patients relive these symptoms, several patients would rather choose dialysis to help them relive the poisoning sym...Read More

Are There Any Medicines to Reduce High Creatinine Level Except Dialysis

High creatinine level may be the most common sign of high creatinine level. Therefore, reducing high creatinine level concerns patients a lot. Although dialysis takes highly effects to reduce high creatinine level, patients often displayed...Read More

Can I Improve Kidney Function with Sage 3 CKD

Stage 3 chronic kidney disease is the key stage of kidney disease where patients kidney function has been decreased moderately. If patients receive treatment timely, they have a lot of hope to repair kidney damage and help the diseased tiss...Read More

CKD Stage 3 with Creatinine 2.03:How to Recover Kidney Function

Stage 3 kidney disease is the key stage of kidney disease which refers to that kidney damage can be prevented remarkably and patients can live long as normal people do. And then, patients may be wondering how to recover the normal kidney fun...Read More

The Symptoms of Stage 3 CKD with Creatinine 3.5

Patients with stage 3 kidney failure are bound to experience some poisoning symptoms. Knowing these symptoms is helpful to receive a good treatment. Now, this article will introduce you what are the symptoms of stage 3 CKD with creatinine 3...Read More

How to Manage Stage 5 CKD with Natural Treatment

Stage 5 chronic kidney disease is the end stage of kidney disease, which indicates that there is serious decreasing in kidney function. Since dialysis and kidney transplant can not manage kidney disease successfully, more and more patients...Read More

CKD:Leg Pain with Stage 3 CKD

Chronic kidney disease is a kind of progressive kidney disease, which makes patients experience all of poisoning symptoms. Recently, more and more patients complaint about they experience leg pain. Now, this article will explain it in detai...Read More