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Chronic Kidney Disease

Here's on how Chronic Kidney Disease causes kidney failure, and signs, diagnosis, treatment and diet of CKD to delay its progression to kidney failure.

Can Obesity Worsen Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Failure

For Chronic Kidney Disease patients, hypertension is the serious complication which not only can bring patients pains such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, but also accumulate the speed of glomerular sclerosis. But now, with the improveme...Read More

Bloody Diarrhea in CKD: Cause and Treatment

Diarrhea is the common symptom of CKD, and it really influence the normal life of patients a lot. As for the bloody diarrhea, it also is one kind of diarrhea and usually related with the bacterial infection due to the improper diet. But bef...Read More

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Reverse 40% Kidney Function in Chronic Kidney Disease

Generally speaking, once patients find that they are bothered by Chronic kidney problems, they usually are suffering renal insufficient. For kidneys have strong compensatory functions, even with one healthy kidney, people can live a normal...Read More

Dizziness in CKD: Cause and Treatment

Chronic Kidney Disease patients suffer from many symptoms which involve all parts of human body, and different patients patients experience the different symptom. Dizziness is the common symptom of CKD, it disturb the thought of patients an...Read More

Does Chronic Kidney Disease Affect Eyesight

Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients complain that they suffer the poor eyesight which influence the normal life and work of patients seriously. Dose Chronic Kidney Disease affect eyesight, now we experts explain that to you. Generally spea...Read More

Muscle Cramps in CKD: Cause and Treatment

CKD is the abbreviation of Chronic Kidney Disese. Kidneys are responsibility on excreting wastes products, balancing water-electrolyte and adjusting internal secretion and so on. With the kidney functions declining, CKD patients would suffe...Read More

What dose GFR level 42 mean for Chronic Kidney Disease patients

GFR is the common kidney function indicator. Generally speaking, the normal GFR level of common people should be higher than 90 ml/min. Then what dose GFR 42 mean for Chronic Kidney Disease patients? Chronic Kidney Disease is caused by the...Read More

Are Kidneys Self Healing for Chronic Kidney Disease

Do you know, some tissues of human body can heal themselves, for example, the liver fibrosis and liver cirrhosis is the pathological manifestations of liver regeneration and repair. Then for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, are kidneys self...Read More

Trouble in Breathing in CKD: Cause and Treatment

Many CKD patients complain that they are trouble in breathing, which really bother them a lot. The severe pain also urge them to know the causes and treatment. The cause of trouble in breathing in CKD: 1. With the kidney function of produci...Read More

How to Avoid Flu for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Flu is common, people with healthy immunity can recovery around one week. But for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, their immune systems are injured due to the metabolism disorder of kidneys, so they are easily to be attacked by the flu Chro...Read More