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Chronic Kidney Disease

Here's on how Chronic Kidney Disease causes kidney failure, and signs, diagnosis, treatment and diet of CKD to delay its progression to kidney failure.

Treatment to Reverse Kidney Function for Stage 3 CKD Patients

Stage 3 CKD patients, they are in a reversed period. Once the kidney function is improved to a certain degree to support the normal metabolism of human body, th...Read More

How to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease Caused by Gout

Gouty nephropathy also can be called uric acid nephropathy which is caused by the increased blood uric acid and the deposition of urate crystal in the kidneys, ...Read More

Treatment for CKD with Frequent Urination at Night

Why CKD patients suffer from frequent urination at night? Because the antidiuretic hormone and the function of concentration of kidney are damaged. Due to the f...Read More

How to Treat Skin Itching for CKD Stage 4 Patients Naturally

Skin itching can become a common symptom for CKD stage 4 patients and undoubtedly it makes the quality of life poorer. Here you will learn about not only the ca...Read More

Why Does Stage 3 CKD Cause Itching and Diarrhea

Skin itching and diarrhea are the common symptoms for some stage 3 CKD patients. Why dose stage 3 CKD cause itching and diarrhea? And only when we know the caus...Read More

How to Treat Serious Insomnia in Stage 4 CKD

CKD is short for chronic kidney disease and people who suffer from various kidney disease symptoms over 3 months are considered as CKD patients. Among these sym...Read More

Treatment for CKD Stage 4 with GFR 20

It is likely that some CKD stage 4 patients need to have dialysis or transplantation, but it will cost patients a lot and also patients will suffer a lot. So th...Read More

How to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease Effectively in China

The traditional Chinese medicine is natural herbs that can treat disease from root. As for chronic kidney disease, traditional Chinese medicine also has its own...Read More

Shrinking Kidney: Cause, Symptom and Treatment

Shrinking kidney means that the kidney size is smaller than the original kidney, which also means kidney disease. At present, many people are suffering from the...Read More

How to Diagnose Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

How to diagnose chronic kidney disease stage 3? Many people ask us this question. Chronic kidney disease stage 3 is the middle stage of kidney damage, and also ...Read More