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High Creatinine But no Other Symptoms: What Should You Know

2013-09-10 13:56

High creatinine level is a common symptom of kidney disease. If you find your creatinine level exceeds the normal level, it should arouse your enough attention. In addition to high creatinine level, some kidney disease patients are suffering from other symptoms, while for other cases, there may have no other symptoms.

As a matter of fact, if high creatinine level happens, no matter there have or have no other symptoms, it is easy for us to understand. Whether there have other symptoms with high creatinine level is associated with two possible factors:

-Different physical fitness. If there are two patients with same high creatinine levels, one is likely to experience fatigue, poor appetite, urination changes, blood in urine, protein in urine, high blood pressure or other symptoms, while another may suffer from no any obvious symptoms.

-Different illness degree. Because our kidneys have very strong compensatory ability, the creatinine level will not increase until about 40-50% of kidney function is lost. Once high creatinine level caused by kidney disease appears, no matter how much it exceeds the normal level of creatinine, it should arouse patients’ enough attention. The impaired kidney function will cause a series of obvious symptoms. Even though there are no other symptoms at present, if kidney function is continued to be lost, obvious symptoms except high creatinine level will happen sooner or later.

If you are suffering from high creatinine with no other symptoms, the prognosis will be good in general. A low-protein diet is commonly recommended to reduce high creatinine level to a certain degree. But in order to prevent more other symptoms appearing and the condition developing kidney failure, an efficient treatment which can help repair kidney damage and recover renal function is needed. If you need more information about diet or natural treatment for high creatinine level, feel free to let us know.

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