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Do Patients with Creatinine Level 500umol/L Need Dialysis Treatment

2013-09-12 09:46

If your creatinine level increases to 500umol/L, perhaps you may would like to know whether you should begin dialysis treatment or not. Now follow us to learn more about creatinine level 500umol/L and dialysis treatment.

What can creatinine level 500umol/L tell?

Because our kidneys have very strong compensatory ability, the creatinine level will not increase until the kidney function is declined to 50% at least. Creatinine level 500umol/L means the condition is already in stage 4 chronic kidney disease, the second advanced stage of kidney disease. This stage usually requires dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future.

Should dialysis treatment be started at creatinine level 500umol/L?

Creatinine level 500umol/L is a critical point of dialysis treatment. Generally speaking, dialysis treatment will be considered when creatinine level increases to 500umol/L, but not all of patients with creatinine level 500umol/L need to begin dialysis.

As a matter of fact, when dialysis treatment should be started depends on kidney disease patients’ specific condition, it has no a direct relation with a pure creatinine level. If patients with creatinine level 500umol/L are suffering from severe symptoms or complications or in some certain situations like serum potassium level is more than 7mmol/L, or BUN level is more than 54mmol/L, etc, then urgent dialysis treatment should be started, which avoids the more severe consequences; however, if patients with creatinine level 500umol/L or other higher levels do not have severe symptoms or complications and they still have some certain urine output, then dialysis can be postponed. In that case, what patients should do is to try to avoid dialysis effectively with an efficient treatment.

If you care about the diet suggestions and natural treatments for creatinine level 500umol/L or other high creatinine levels, you are welcomed to leave a message below or consult online expert freely to get the related information.

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