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Ways to Lower High Creatinine Level

2013-09-23 16:37

Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscle in the body and it is one of the most commonly used indicators to renal function. If you have high creatinine which indicates that your kidney has been damaged. So the problem of how to lower high creatinine level has been a concerned topic of people. The following ways we recommend may help you.

Avoid foods with high protein

Low protein diet is usually recommended for patients with high creatinine, and this is because too much protein intake will increase the extra burden to kidney, which can cause a higher creatinine level. Some foods like beans, fish, milk, egg white and lean meat are rich in protein; they need to be avoided in theory. However, to meet the physical demand, you should select the high quality protein diet, such as animal protein. Depending on the kidney function, the intake of protein needs to be limited.

Adopt Chinese medicine therapy

However, dietotherapy is just a supporting role to high creatinine. In order to decrease creatinine at root, you should cure kidney disease at first The treatment of high creatinine need to repair damaged inherent cells of kidney and control the inflammatory response which is happening now, only taking the medicines which can reduce high creatinine are not enough, the final result can only be that kidney damage becomes more and more serious. There we want to suggest you to accept Chinese medicine treatment, using traditional Chinese medicine active substance to repair inherent cells of kidney. We have a method called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it has no pain and side effect. So the method accepted good praises from patients. If you are interested in this method, please email us to kidney or leave your message blow, we are glad to help you.

Finally, to improve the condition of high creatinine needs a process, patients should not worry about it. At the same time, you must prevent colds, control diet and mood, not too tired. Besides you should control factors such as blood pressure and blood sugar.

I hope the ways to lower high creatinine level we recommending can help you and we are waiting to hear your good news.

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