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Healthy Foods Against Creatinine Level

2013-09-27 10:26

Healthy Foods Against Creatinine LevelAs we know that creatinine is a by-product of muscle metabolism. Creatinine itself is mainly produced via phosphocreatine. Therefore, the levels of serum creatinine is affected by muscle mass, for the muscular man, serum creatinine tends to be higher. Creatinine is an important indicator of the kidney function, if you have a high creatinine level, then your kidney may get much damage. In addition to receive some necessary treatment, altering your diet throughout the day will also help you lower your creatine levels. Today I just want to share some healthy foods against creatinine.

Patients with high creatinine should know which kind of food to eat and which kind of foods to limit. High-potassium foods to avoid include tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, chocolate and nuts. People with kidney disease should avoid the sodium content of foods such as fast food, frozen meals, canned vegetables, pickled or cured meats, canned soups, cheese, salted pretzels and salted potato chips. Foods that contain high levels of phosphorus include corn, chocolate, dairy products, fish and eggs. Red meat, poultry, fish and nuts have high levels of protein.

Protein supply: because patients at this stage will appear nitremia, in order to reduce the burden on the kidney, and control the worsening of renal function, patients should control protein intake and choose high quality protein diet (such as animal protein)like egg, milk, meat,etc.

Patients with high creatinine appropriate should choose food rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C. There are many kinds of vegetables and fruit that contain a lot of vitamin C, such as raw red pepper, orange juice, orange, fresh strawberries, grapefruit and etc. Carrots, iceberg lettuce, sweet potatoes, cod liver oil, and red pepper are rich in vitamin A. Liver, yeast extract spread, dried herbs, spices, and peppers are rich in vitamin B2.

If patients with high creatinine, but without oliguria and edema, he should maintain a low-salt diet. If there is a severe edema, and high blood pressure and even heart failure, one should strictly limit salt intake.

What do patients with high creatinine should pay attention to on diet? Through the above introduction, you should have a general understanding now. Of course, in addition to the above considerations, what’s more important is to receive a formal treatment actively. If you want to know more about the diet or other natural treatment, you can leave a message below or email us to

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