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What can Cause Elevated Creatinine Levels

2013-09-27 11:49

What can Cause Elevated Creatinine LevelsCreatinine is the product of muscles. But what can cause elevated creatinine levels is concerned by many people. In daily life, it is easy to be found that people have high creatinine level in the physical examination, which causes a lot of puzzles to people. So what can cause elevated creatinine levels? The following may give you answers.

Kidney disease expert tells us that high creatinine levels mean your kidney has been damaged to a certain extent. Later the kidney damage may develop into renal failure which has serious harm to your body and other organs. So more and more people begins to pay close attention to the level of creatinine.

The following points may cause elevated creatinine levels:

1 When patients have conditions like feel tired, lack of rest or inadvertence of life details, all of which can lead to elevated creatinine level within limits.

2 If patients have abnormal urine or people have hematuria or proteinuria for a long time, all of this can lead to elevated creatinine level unconsciously.

3 If kidney disease patients take a medicine which is damaged kidney severely, elevated creatinine level may appear too.

4 When patients have these conditions like fever, sweating or reduced the volume of water, the level of creatinine may increase.

By knowing the reasons of elevated creatinine levels, you must avoid the occurrence of these situations as much as possible. Patients should treat the high creatinine early and effectively. However, at present, there haven’t any effective methods to treat high creatinine. In our opinion, the treatment of high creatinine is not our ultimate goal, we must treat kidney first. So, there we want to recommend a method called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which not only can treat kidney from the root, but also not have any side effects, you needn’t worry about this therapy. If you are interested in this traditional therapy, please leave your message below or email us to, we are glad to help you.

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