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How to Control the Creatinine Level Effectively

2013-10-03 17:16

In clinic, the different creatinine level represents the different level of renal damage to patients. The high creatinine level is a good sign to kidney disease. Therefore, if you have the condition that the creatinine is high, you must control it in time, which can avoid the aggravation of disease. So how to control the creatinine level effectively?

1 Limit cigarettes and alcohol

It is well known that cigarettes and alcohol is mainly damage kidney and vessels, the more cigarettes and alcohol have the greater damage to kidney and vessels which even more aggravate renal artery sclerosis and promote glomerular sclerosis. So whether normal renal function or abnormal renal function, in order to avoid more damage to kidney, patients with high creatinine level must stop smoking and drinking strictly.

Uremia patients with high creatinine level should take some foods which are rich in protein. However, in order to control the kidney function being worsen, you should control the protein intake and choose high quality protein to eat, such as animal protein.

2 Limit the amount of salt

In clinic, to the renal failure patients, although they also have high creatinine and some clinical symptoms, due to the pathology of moderate damage, you can control the amount of salt intake on the basis of high blood pressure and edema. Patients with high creatinine level should to choose foods which are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin.

In addition, if patients have high creatinine level but without oliguria and edema, they do not need to forbid the intake of water and salt. However, when patients have serious edema, high blood pressure and even heart failure, they must control salt intake strictly.

Through the above introduction, you must know more about how to control the creatinine level effectively, if you are interested in this topic or have other questions, you can leave your message below or email us to , we are glad to help you.

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