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Vegetables Good to People with High Creatinine Level

2013-10-11 10:35

Vegetables Good to People with High Creatinine LevelAs is well known to us, vegetables are full of nutrition and it is the indispensable foods in our daily life. Moreover, a balanced diet plays an important role in protecting kidney function and improves our overall health. So many people have this question that what vegetables are good to people with high creatinine level. The following introduces some things about this topic, it may help you greatly.

Firstly, let’s talk about what causes the high creatinine level? The blood creatinine within the human body can divide into two kinds, one is the endogenous creatinine formed by the metabolites of muscle and the other is exogenous creatinine which is the metabolite of meat. In other words, creatinine is the metabolite in the body. When the kidney fails to work properly, the products of some foods will build up in the body. To a certain extent, the creatinine level will rise sharply. The higher of the creatinine level is, the greater damage of the kidney function, finally it may develop into kidney failure. Thus, we must control the level of creatinine strictly. So what vegetables are good to people with high creatinine level?

1 Cabbage: cabbage contains lots of phytonutrients that can help break up free radicals to reduce damage of kidney cells.

2 Cauliflower: it is rich in vitamin C and fibers as well as compounds that can help improve the kidney function. Moreover, it can help lower the creatinine level effectively.

In conclusion, the following four points patients with high creatinine level should pay more attention to.

1 Choose vegetables in low protein, except the sweet potato and fish food.

2 Choose vegetables in low sugar.

3 Choose vegetables in high potassium.

4 Choose vegetables in low water content.

Through the above introduction, patients may learn a lot of knowledge about what vegetables are good to people with high creatinine level. However, according to the different situation of everyone’s damaged kidney, the vegetables may vary more or less. If you want to know more details about your kidney condition, please contact us as early as possible, we have the kidney expert who will formulate the specific treatment plan for you.

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