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Best High Creatinine Treatment in China

2013-10-15 09:55

What is the best high creatinine treatment in China? In many other countries, common high creatinine treatments include healthy diet, western medications and dialysis treatment. Now follow us to see how high creatinine level is dealt with.

High creatinine level is just one of symptoms of kidney disease, it is caused by kidney damage and impaired kidney function. Of course we have left out other factors which can also influence creatinine level. So we do believe that best high creatinine treatment refers to the one which can make kidneys work normally again, though those common ways can lower creatinine level to a certain degree. Well, if you are lack of diet suggestions for high creatinine level, you can leave your creatinine level below or email it to, our expert will surely send you the useful information according to your condition.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy are treated as the best high creatinine treatments in China. Though they are not used to lower high creatinine level directly, they achieve it by save kidneys from the root.

Some foreign patients come to China for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, while others for Stem Cell Therapy. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is only used in China, but after the condition becomes stable, patients can take it home to keep using to consolidate its curative effect. This natural high creatinine treatment is a new development of Chinese herbal medicines, but used externally. Patients just need to lie on the bed to take it, foreign patients describe it as Chinese massage, very comfortable. But Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may not be that helpful to those kidney inherent cells which have been dead.

Stem Cell Therapy is used to replace the dead and necrotic cells and regenerate the new ones, which saves kidneys from the root. In China, umbilical cord blood stem cells or mesenchymal stem cells are used to replace embryonic stem cells which involve morality and ethics.

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