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What Illness Conditions Can Cause High Creatinine Level

2013-01-16 16:33

Higher than normal creatinine level means that kidney functions have been damaged. This is the most fundamental cause of elevated serum creatinine. Here let’s know what the common illness conditions are that can damage kidney functions resulting in creatinine increase or worsening of already high creatinine.

1. In case of relapsing of kidney disease, oliguria or even anuria, patients can have acute renal failure and cause sharp increase of serum creatinine.

2. If patient has years of hypertension and the high blood pressure is not well controlled and at the same time have long term moderate or massive proteinuria, it can progressively cause high creatinine.

3. For those that have renal dysfunction, infections can increase creatinine within short time. Common infections include cold, pneumonia, intestinal infection and urinary tract infections, etc.

4. Improper intake of renal toxicity drugs and medicines, kidney damages will be worsened and serum creatinine can increase. In such conditions, the kidney damages can be irreversible.

5. Dehydration due to high fever, much sweating, reduced water intake, diuresis will cause hemoconcentration and reduce blood flow to the kidneys. This will cause elevated serum creatinine level.

6. Over-tiredness, inadequate rest can all cause transient increase of serum creatinine.

If high creatinine is persistent and lasts for long time, it means that kidney functions have been damaged. High creatinine will cause a series of symptoms including swelling, high blood pressure, back pain, blood in urine, proteinuria, abnormal urine volume, frequent urination, urinary pain as well as many complications like hyperlipidemia, hypoalbuminemia, metabolic acidosis,etc.

Proper diets can help slow down illness progression and control high creatinine.

Low amount but high-quality protein

Renal failure causes elevated level of creatinine, uric acid, urea nitrogen and other non-protein nitrogen, limiting protein intake can alleviate azotemia and much slow down illness progression. It has been proved that low-protein diet plays vital role in protecting remaining kidney functions.

Low-salt diets

If patients have high blood pressure and edema besides high creatinine, low-salt diets or even no salt diets will be good according to severity of edema and high blood pressure. Some other seasonings such as cinnamon can be used to replace salt. However if patients do not have edema or oliguria, there should not be strict restriction on water and salt intake.


Renal failure patients with high creatinine should have more foods that contain rich vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B3 and vitamin C. Fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal source of vitamins and fibers.

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