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Prognosis for Creatinine 3.8 and BUN 68

2013-11-04 11:00

How about the prognosis for creatinine 3.8 and BUN 68? Creatinine and BUN are two items commonly seen when to diagnose kidney disease. If creatinine 3.8 and BUN 68 or some similar levels are shown on your test report, the following information can be helpful.

Creatinine 3.8 and BUN 68 can tell the condition is already in late stage of chronic kidney disease stage 4, which means the severe reduction of kidney function. Just from creatinine 3.8 and BUN 68 these two numbers, most patients may be suffering from anemia and electrolyte disturbance. Also there is one more thing should arouse patients’attention. If patients with creatinine 3.8 and BUN 68 have history of diabetes and are suffering from severe edema or high levels of potassium, then some urgent measures must be adopted to avoid congestive heart failure.

You are welcomed to tell us more about your condition by leaving us a message below or emailing to, our experts will surely send you some diet suggestions and other useful information back to help you manage the condition.

As to the prognosis for creatinine 3.8 and BUN 68, it varies from case to case. Some cases may develop stage 5 chronic kidney disease soon, in that case, creatinine and BUN levels will become higher with the continue loss of renal function, also dialysis or kidney transplant will be the only choice for them in many countries.

But there still has good prognosis for creatinine 3.8 and BUN 68 and that is the condition can be gradually reversed, dialysis and kidney transplant will be effectively avoided. And we do believe this is something every kidney disease patient wants.

If you want to improve the prognosis for creatinine 3.8 and BUN 68, to repair kidney damage and recover renal function is the most important thing, not to relieve symptoms, though it is also very necessary and important. If you are interested in natural ways to recover renal function, also you can contact us by the ways mentioned above, we are here to help.

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