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Does Drinking More Water Lower High Creatinine Level

2013-11-15 09:47

Does Drinking More Water Lower High Creatinine Level, lower high creatinine, drinking more waterThe appearance of high creatinine levels is enough to arouse kidney disease patients’attention. There are many methods commonly used to help lower high creatinine level. Then does drinking more water lower high creatinine level? Follow us to find the answer.

Drinking more water can lower high creatinine level to a certain degree, but it is unable to deal with the essential issues. When kidney disease patients with high creatinine level do not have swelling and high blood pressure and their urine amount is nearly normal, then drinking more water can help increase the frequency of urination, and as a result, more creatinine will get eliminated from the body. Cinnamon mixed in water or spring hog weed powder mixed with water can also help improve overall kidney function and can help lower high creatinine levels.

However, if kidney disease patients with high creatinine levels are suffering from severe edema or high blood pressure, and the impaired kidney function has already caused decreased urine amount, then the fluid intake should be limited. In that case, to lower high creatinine levels can not count on drinking more water.

As our kidneys have very strong compensatory ability, the creatinine levels will not obviously increase until about 40-50% of kidney function has been lost. To repair kidney damage and recover renal function has becomes the best way to lower high creatinine levels and the only way to effectively avoid kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant. Nowadays more and more foreign patients come to try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy to lower high creatinine levels and reverse the condition by making kidneys work normally again.

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