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High Creatinine Level Treatment in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2014-01-10 21:40

When condition develops stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure, the second advanced stage of chronic kidney disease, many symptoms or complications will appear. However, the increase in creatinine level can be a gradual process. Are you experiencing high creatinine level now? If yes, follow us to learn about the efficient high creatinine level treatment in stage 4 kidney failure.

The common high creatinine level treatments in the clinic include healthy diet and western medicines like Ketosteril and medicinal charcoal tablets. Here we will not talk about them as we do not think they are the efficient ways, otherwise the creatinine level can be controlled very well.

Firstly, you should make clear why high creatinine level appears in stage 4 kidney failure. Under normal cases, healthy kidneys remove the wastes and excess fluid out of body, which keeps the creatinine level into a stable range. However, stage 4 kidney failure means the severe reduction in kidney function, the kidneys have been unable to work normally again, which causes the wastes and toxins to build up in the body.

So we do believe that the most efficient high creatinine level treatment for stage 4 kidney failure patients is to make kidneys work normally again, in other words, to recover renal function. Of course the safety of a certain therapy should also be guaranteed.

Nowadays, stage 4 kidney failure still can be reversed, and dialysis or kidney transplant is no longer the only choice for patients, well, as long as the kidney function can be recovered. In that case, high creatinine level will naturally go back to normal levels. If you are interested in other treatment options used in other countries, you can leave us a message below; you can email us to, if you want more diet suggestions or some other medical advises.

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