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Diet to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood

2014-01-26 21:52

Diet to Reduce High Creatinine Level, reduce high creatinine levelAs a proverb goes: A closed mouth catches no flies. That’s to say, diet has a close relationship with disease. So patients should pay more attention to diet. A healthy diet can help you slow down the progress of high creatinine level and prevent the occurrence of symptoms and complications. As for kidney disease patients, what’s the diet to reduce high creatinine level in blood? Now, we will give you advice about it.

First, keep a low salty diet and control the intake of salt. The daily intake of salt should not be more than 3 grams.

Second, avoid these foods of high phosphorus such as aquatic products (including aquatic plants), animal innards, sesame, peanut, walnut, honey, yolk, tea and some dried fruit, etc.

Third, foods which are rich in high potassium also should be paid attention to. These foods are just as follows: onion, pumpkin, eggplant, watermelon, apple, pear, fresh pineapple, cowpea, taro, carrot, green radish, turnip,cabbage, chaff rod, celery, leek, orange, persimmon, etc. If the serum potassium level is in the normal range, patients are allowed to eat the right amount of these foods.

Fourth, you should get command of the intake of food which contains high protein. Generally speaking, total protein content should not exceed 20-30 grams including the amount of contained in vegetable protein in staple food one day.

Finally, patients with high creatinine level in blood can't eat fatty foods. They can control the intake of fatty food through the following two kinds of measures: 1. They should put less oil when cooking. Meanwhile, they should keep away from the fried and greasy food. 2. They should choose little or no saturated fatty acid plant oil.

In a word, we advise you to have a reasonable light diet with less oil and less salt. Eating more vegetables, fruit, and crude fiber foods. In the meantime, avoiding intake of high protein, high quantity of heat, high fat. In addition to keep a watchful eye on diet, giving up smoking and alcohol as well as doing exercise appropriately are essential for patients to reduce high creatinine level in blood.

Though reasonable diet suggestions can be helpful in reducing high creatinine level to a certain degree, it is impossible to deal with the problem only by this. Nowadays, more and more foreign patients come to try new treatment to reduce high creatinine level through repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. If you need the related information, welcomed to email us to; of course, if you still need diet suggestions, also let us know.

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