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Will High Creatinine Cause Renal Failure

2014-02-28 01:33

Will high creatinine cause renal failure? Many patients ask this question. As a matter of fact, the answer depends on your creatinine condition. Disease condition is different from each other, so there is no an exact answer to the question.

The cause of high creatinine

High creatinine is a symbol of the decline of kidney function and there are different degrees of it. Healthy glomerulus can get creatinine out of the body. But for kidney disease patients, their glomerular filtration rate(GFR) will decrease a lot. Creatinine will accumulate in your body and cause a lot of complications. If your creatinine level is too high, that means most of your kidney functions are damaged and you must receive treatment immediately.

Will high creatinine cause renal failure

In general, it is difficult to cause renal failure if you find the condition and treat it in time and effectively. Creatinine level can be decreased by treatment and correct diet.

Treatment for high creatinine

Since high creatinine is caused by renal disease, we must treat the root of the disease. Hot compress therapy is recommended to you. This is a treatment applied externally. It has no side effect like other traditional treatments and does no harm to the patients. The kidney function will be improved a lot by the effective Chinese medicines and GFR will go back to the normal level. If you have interest in this therapy, you can send an email to and contact us.

About the diet for high creatinine, low-sodium and low-protein foods are suggested. If you have the symptoms of high blood pressure and swelling, you are suggested to eat less sodium. In addition, you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that are good to your condition.

What you must know is that renal failure is just a stage of kidney disease. If you treat your disease earlier, it will not occur. If you still have doubt about will high creatinine cause renal failure, you can leave a message below. We are always here to help you.

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