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Should I Worry about Creatinine 9 in Kidney Failure

2014-03-26 01:14

What is the dangerous creatinine level? Is creatinine 9 high enough to do dialysis? Should you worry about creatinine 9 in kidney failure? This passage will give you the answers.

The creatinine level is one important thing that kidney disease patients concern. It is an important evaluator of how kidneys are functioning. Creatinine is the metabolic waste of muscles. Kidneys are responsible for filtering it to keep the blood clean. The normal range of creatinine level is 0.5-1.2mg/dl. Obviously, creatinine 9 is far beyond the normal range. Then is it dangerous? When the creatinine accumulate in blood to a certain level, it will cause many discomforts, like fatigue, sleepiness,etc. What’s more serious, it can shorten the lifespan of the cells.

If there are no obvious symptoms with creatinine 9, then you do not need to worry. But preventive treatment should be done immediately. If you are accompanied by obvious symptoms, such as nausea, vomit, itchy skin, muscle cramp, acidosis, swelling, heart failure, etc, dialysis should be taken into consideration.

Adequate dialysis can help lower high creatinine level and relieve the symptoms. But it is not the basic solution. The creatinine level will be elevated again once dialysis is stopped. Dialysis is just the replacement method. If you want to lower creatinine 9 completely, you must find the solution that can solve the problem from the root. That is to improve kidney function and then the extra creatinine will be discharged naturally. Here, Hot Compress Therapy is recommended.

This therapy aims at repairing the damaged kidney cells and restoring the original qi of kidneys. Thus the normal kidney function will be regained. The ability of filtering the toxins will be increased. A big advantage of this therapy is that it does no harm to the body. If you want to know more about this therapy, you can send me an email to or for further information. With this therapy, the creatinine 9 is no longer a problem and your overall condition in kidney failure will turn better and better! Any questions? Leave a message below!

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