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Creatinine 6.2 And Oliguria: Can I Use Chinese Medicines

2014-06-07 16:35

There is a condition that kidney disease patients have, that is oliguria or anuria with high creatinine level, they and their family members are very worry about this condition. The only hope they want is urine volume and low creatinine level. So, can they use Chinese medicines?

Facts of creatinine 6.2 and oliguria

The normal creatinine level is 0.6~1.2mg/dl for male, and 0.5~1.1mg/dl for female. So it is dangerous with creatinine level 6.2 compared with the normal. If there is one who is suffering from creatinine 6.2 and oliguria unluckily, it means that he or she has developed into stage 4 kidney failure. And it is necessary to receive an effective treatment to help patient relieve his or her pain and symptoms.

Can I use Chinese medicines with this condition

It is OK for most of patients to take Chinese medicines, because Chinese medicines have few side effects and they can not bring any complications if you take them correctly. Maybe you have heard oral Chinese medicines before, there are external treatments in our hospital. We have created some unique therapies according to our years of kidney disease treatment in the clinical. These unique therapies can help lower creatinine 6.2 naturally by repairing the kidney damage and improving kidney functions.

If you happen to have interest in Chinese therapies, contact us by emailing to We have concluded the reasons why kidney disease can not been cured for a long time, one of them is many people can not use new therapies and new medicines due to the difficulties. And we have solved this problems, we have created some natural therapies that are different from any kidney disease hospital in China, even in the world.

May be you are bored with the above condition: creatinine 6.2 and oliguria or something others now, may be you have not heard the above therapies, but one thing we have in common, that is your health. So, do not be perplexed by others, do believe yourself, believe us. We will give you a healthy and happy life back. Take care!

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