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What Does Creatinine Level 1.5 Mean and How to Deal With It

2014-11-16 10:03

What does creatinine level 1.5 mean and how to deal with it? Maybe you find creatinine level 1.5 in an inspection report, but you do not know what does it mean. Do not worry, Next, we will explain it in detail and introduce you some natural remedies for it.

What does creatinine level 1.5 mean?

In clinic, creatinine level is one of the important indicators of judging of renal function. And kidney disease is divided into five stages according to creatinine level.

CKD stages Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Stage 5
Creatinine level (mg/dl)  <1.6 1.6-2.0 2.1-5.0  5.1-7.9

According to the above form, we can see that creatinine 1.5 means you are in stage 1 CKD, that is to say, your kidney damage is mild. You can lower your high creatinine by some natural treatments.

How to deal with creatinine level 1.5?

First, you can lower your creatinine level 1.5 by changing your daily diet. And some foods with high quality and low quality are recommended to you, such as lean meat, white egg, pure milk and fish. Besides, you need to limit the spicy foods and keep away from smoking and drinking.

Next, you can do proper exercise to enhance your immunity and protect your kidneys. As long as your kidney damage do not aggravate, your creatinine will not rise. But, avoid strenuous activity, because creatinine is the metabolite of muscle in our body, and strenuous activity can accelerate the metabolism of muscle.

Last, you can take some natural remedies to repair your damaged kidneys, because the damaged kidneys can not discharge the metabolite from body and cause high creatinine level. Now, diet has no the function of repairing the damaged kidney, and just can prevent or slow down the progression of kidney disease. But in our hospital, we can adopt some special Traditional Chinese Medicine to repair your kidney damage and recover your renal function. Because you are in the early stage of CKD, you are strongly advised to receive some natural treatment. Early treatment can reverse your disease from root.

What does creatinine level 1.5 mean and how to deal with it? Now, you should have a complete understanding about them. Any other questions, you can consult our online doctor at any time. Best wishes!

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